What is the Process

It is important for you to understand the process and what it takes to develop for the web. Please remember each situation is unique, but in general it might go something like this.

1. Introduction

I want to learn about you and your company, your vision, your goals, and ultimately your need. This will help me understand how I can best help you.

2. Proposal

Once I understand your needs, I will submit a proposal to you that outlines everything we’ve discussed which will include requirements from you, deliverables from me, a timeframe for delivery, and a cost estimate. If you agree with everything listed, we will lock in the deliverable items and cost, then begin the next step.

3.  Design and Development

I will begin integrating the deliverables with milestones to review the progress with you, get buyoff on designs, review functionality, or discuss the progress. Based on your feedback I will continue to implement or refine to meet your needs.

4. Documentation

I will document the site or service function in two ways. First I will be sure I have good records of everything in place so that I can be reminded of any configurations in the future or make them available to you. Second I will generate documentation for you to understand how to operate various aspects of the site. While most systems are intuitve, I want to ensure you understand each feature and how to best to use it.

5. Final Review

Lastly we will review everything that is complete together, be sure it works the way it should, conduct any necessary training, and then we are done with this project.

At a high level, these are the 5 simple steps in the process. There is plenty of sub processes to understand even the smallest of requirements to ensure your satisfaction and full functionality.  My top priority is your satisfaction in the final product.